Why Minecraft is Good for Kids


Minecraft is super popular with kids. It’s fun to do, but it’s also very educational. The game stimulates creativity and improves school performance that is why Little Girl Shiny World loves this game so much. Here are some of the game’s advantages and tips on how to play Minecraft safely.

What is Minecraft?

What is Minecraft, exactly, can not be caught in one word. It’s a video game, virtual LEGO, a mining simulator, you create your own world with it, and it’s an adventure. Players enter another virtual world that knows no boundaries. So there is a lot of freedom, to build, to travel and to shape your own ideas. It’s real life, but it’s a lot easier.

Minecraft as teaching material

Minecraft is used regularly in primary and Secondary Education. With the advent of the Education Edition is now accepted teaching material. Minecraft is seen as one of the few computer games that kids really learn from and where the brain is stimulated in a good way. They have to build and survive. Playing Minecraft for half an hour before going to bed ensures higher grades in school and better social skills.

Minecraft provides better performance at school, especially in geography, physics, history and mathematics. For example, a Minecraft block consists of four wooden shelves. Children always have to calculate whether they have enough wood to buy things in the game with which to build. They also learn abstract thinking and thinking in solutions. This works by answering questions in school and homework is done faster. And that means more time to play!

Stimulate creativity

When Minecraft was launched, the tool in the game was needed to survive. Meanwhile, players let their imagination run wild and castles, tree houses, houses and most special creations are built, where they can put the most original ideas in them.
Teach children not to give up
You do not need to save a princess in Minecraft or be at the finish line first, so in this sense there is no specific purpose. Players are rewarded when they have completed a particular task and that motivates children to pursue plans and achieve goals. It also encourages them to sort things out on their own and not to ask for help directly.

Geometry will be a breeze.

Geometry teaches children to use their spatial imagination. They learn to think about how structures, shadows, mirror images and floor plans are put together, to see this in their minds and to think about how they can best manage a structure. It’s really nice to see how easy it is for the guys to take this in the game.

Confidence grows

Children are often told that they can not yet do something because they are not old enough or do not know enough. But in Minecraft, they can do anything as well as adults. And they really do it themselves, not the computer.

Children learn what teamwork is


Switching to multiplayer mode, kids can build and play together. In other words, when a team works together, they excite each other and finish the tasks faster.

Children become more social

Since the game is so versatile and popular, it is a good icebreaker and social lubricant among children. For example, one mother recently told BBC News: “My son has faced many challenges to get in touch with children at school, but Minecraft has brought them together.’

There will be no gross violence.

There are a lot of violent games for kids online and in the store. And although there is no scientific evidence that gambling can trigger aggression, many parents find it reassuring that Minecraft does not involve gross violence. Although it is not entirely innocent: at night appear monsters, zombies and square spiders.

The desired parental authority

Especially at first it is wise to discover this game with your child. First of all, because it’s fun to get into that crazy virtual world together, where you have to catch pigs with a fishing rod. But you can also keep an eye out and you know what your child is talking about when he tells you about his Minecraft adventures. In addition, Minecraft will not give you any instructions in advance and explain what is intended. This can be frustrating for children,and parents can help them. It is at the same time a great power of the game: finding and sharing information on the internet is almost a mandatory part. Children go to YouTube channels and Minecraft Wiki in search of tips and tricks. Do it together at the beginning, because in some videos and tutorials the language is annoying. Then turn off the sound or find a channel that you like.

Create a protected world for your family

An important factor of Minecraft is that you play with other people. There are thousands of servers around the world that anyone can connect to. You have no control over these worlds, and it attracts all kinds of people. This can lead to unpleasant encounters. If you want to avoid these risks and play the game safely, set your own server with a Minecraft world that only you and your kids have access to. then you have complete control over the running and sailing of your world. For example, if you don’t want the samples to appear after midnight, you can. If you find it too annoying to set up your own server, Minecraft Kingdoms can easily create private worlds with friends and family without the technical problems of a Minecraft server. This service is not free, but works with a subscription.

Minecraft and the real world

Don’t you want your son to watch for a long time? Bec Oakley or MineMum, mother of two Minecraft fans, has good advice for this: try to connect activities in Minecraft with those in his real world. What he learns in the game can often be translated into the real world. On his blog, Oakley gives all sorts of advice. For example, make Minecraft paper dolls together, bake a Minecraft cake, build creations with LEGO or sand … enough inspiration!

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